Where's Gordon "Gordie" Page Jr?

Where's Gordie?

Gordon "Gordie" Page Jr disappeared May 27th, 1991. Till this day, he has not been found. 


Growing up, Gordie showed signs that he was different than his peers. However, it wasn't until his late high school years that those differences were made more apparent. As his classmates were moving past him in developmental milestones, Gordie struggled with communication and other behavioral issues.

Upon young adulthood, Gordie was having issues holding employment at a local

Gordon Page Jr

grocery store. Eventually, this lead to Gordie's parents requesting an evaluation by a social worker. It was then that Gordie was believed to be schizophrenic. The social worker requested Gordie be placed in a group home. Following the guidance of the social worker, Gordie's parents sought help from a group home. In order for Gordie to acquire a room, the facility required a psych evaluation from the hospital. Gordie was then prescribed Ritalin and Valium. "Gordon wasn’t Gordon after that." - Gordon Sr.

Gordie was accepted into a well-rounded group home where they were able to adjust his medication, leaving Gordie feeling much better. Unfortunately, the glimmer of hope was abruptly cut short following a grand theft auto incident while Gordie was heavily medicated. Gordie not only stole a truck, he also was suspected to take part in a hit and run. While looking for Gordie, the authorities received a tip that he was at an elementary school insisting that he be let teach a class. Due to the severity of the incident, Gordie was taken into a hospital where he was under psychiatric evaluation by psychiatric social worker Bill Arnold. After several months of therapy, it became apparent that Gordon was misdiagnosed, explaining why is medication cocktail of Ritalin and Valium was not helping. It was Bill Arnold's belief that Gordie was in fact Autistic. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior.

With the promise of a new diagnosis, the Pages found another group home that specialized in autism in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After getting Gordie all settled into his new home, saying goodbye proved to be extremely difficult for Gordie and it ended in an emotional display. 

News Paper Announcing Gordie's disapperance

Gordon Sr: “We kind of stood there and talked and we hugged and talked a little bit more and then we walked over to the van. And I said, ‘Everything’s going to work out.'”

As his father began pulling out of the facility. Gordie broke free from the orderlies and started banging on the van.

Gordo Sr: “It’s very painful, now in retrospect. I wish I’d allowed him just to get in, crawl back, and just driven him home to Florida. But you don’t think of those things, and we didn’t know what we were going to be facing in the future.”

Gordie disappeared 4 days later and has not been found since. 

Composite Sketch of Gordie Now

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