Don't be kept in the DARK.

We made friends!

Dark Podcast

RedRum Cosmetics is proud and honored to announce a partnership with Dark Podcast US! Dark Podcast US is a podcast dedicated to bringing light to the dark areas of the world. Be it paranormal or true crime, they cover stories from all over and share stories related to those dark spots that the mind and body fear. Hosted by Elicia Anderson and Melissa Hardesty, Dark Podcast US releases each Monday night / Tuesday morning for those on the other side of the world. Dark Podcast can be found wherever you get your podcast. 

With this partnership, Dark Podcast US will share one cold case per month, dedicated to helping solve those cases! Redrum Cosmetics will be posting on our blog about each of the stories as well as posting on our social media about the podcast and current events connected to the cold cases. 

New Friends

The best part is that YOU get to be a part of the fun! That's right! Get your investigation while you put the glam on. Each case needs help by spreading awareness and for those of you who have hard information that might help close the cases feel free to use the information we provide in the blog, podcast, or social media links to notify the proper sources! 

We all like to play and look pretty, but RedRum Cosmetics & Dark Podcast US are here to also fight back. Stay tuned to see how you can be part of the solution! 

Have fun, our friends, but stay out of the Dark.

Weekly Episodes